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The Smile Center Family Dentistry
7526 E. 82nd StreetSuite 110
Indianapolis,  IN 46256

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"Shah is an artist! I love my smile now. I went through a few dentists locally before realizing the importance of the dentist having natural artist skill and she has it."
5 stars (5 stars)
by slejeune on 03/24/2015

"To the person who wrote this statement before me you are absolutely right Dr.Shah is deleting ever poor reviews and rating on here i have put two ratings on here myself i have been told personally by her husband that they do remove all bad ratings. Some kind of way I wish that you and I could meet.They even told me in order for me to get my money back that i have to retract my statement that I sent to the Better Business Bureau. My name is Donna Harris"
1 stars (1 stars)
by Donna Harris on 12/16/2014

"To those reading the rating,I know, the not so good rating s are being removed I've read two not so good ratings, and I put two on here also and they're, not here I guess she's removing them, it really don't matter .Because I've contacted the ."
1 stars (1 stars)
by Halve Done Job on 11/11/2014

"After seeing all the great reviews here, I decided to visit Dr. Shah for a minor filling problem. The filling slightly bothers me, as it connects to the adjacent tooth and it is impossible to floss. Dr. Shah, on the other hand, looked at all my teeth and her first question was "do you smoke?" [I do not smoke and never smoked]. Then everything she said after that was extremely negative and she went on and on about how terrible my teeth are. She said I need many many crowns, root canals along with a deep cleaning, which I "clearly never had!". I said to her suspiciously [as my teeth quite often get compliments about how white and clean they are], "but they look very clean on the outside". She said "I know what you mean, but you will s..."
1 stars (1 stars)
by Denied Treatment on 08/12/2014

"I highly recommend Dr. Shah, to any individual seeking professional and compassionate dental care. Dr. Shah explains the overall process of the patient's needs, as well as the pros and cons of accepting/denying suggested services. With the rumors of how horrendous root canals were, I was completely terrified of this recommended procedure, along with two extractions. After all the crying, terror, and apprehensions, the root canal and extractions were quite tolerable; I felt no discomforts or pain at all! I have no complaints or disappointments with the dental office of Dr. Shah. I continue to see Dr. Shah for routine follow-up visits and I accept all recommended services. Each time I am complimented on my smile, I give all acco..."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Shell T. on 07/03/2014

"it was greatnot as bad as i thought and painless"
5 stars (5 stars)
by tuwaun jackson on 08/21/2013

"Dr. Shah and staff were very thorough in explaining the condition of my teeth and the ways in which I can improve their condition."
4 stars (4 stars)
by Faith on 08/21/2013

"I don't enjoy getting the probing done, but I understand why it has to be done. Other than that, I'm appreciate the work that is being done to correct mistakes that I have made."
4 stars (4 stars)
by Anonymous on 08/19/2013

"She was very caring and gentle"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Eleise on 04/04/2013

"From the very first visit with Dr. Shaw, I knew I was at the right dentist. Very personable, very professional, very comforting. My teeth are beautiful, Thank you Dr. Shaw"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Frances A. Walker on 02/22/2013

"my experience at the smile center was great. Dr. Shah was great and took her time. I needed alot of work done and she didnt make me feel bad about it. I have referred serveral ppl to the smile center and i even bought my kids to Dr. Shah. I will continue to come to Dr. Shah for all my dental needs."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Brandi U on 09/14/2012

"Service and care of patient was excellent! It is obvious that Dr. Shah and her staff really care for their patients well being. Thank you!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Tim Mankin on 08/22/2012

"I love Dr. Shaw, She's allways perfesonal and honest. she's the BOMB :-)"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Dianna L. Goodman on 08/15/2012

"i have been a patient of Dr. Shah for many years and I am very happy with the care I receive. The staff is very professional and also very nice. Going to the dentist is never really fun but they make it a better experience."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 07/30/2012

"Dr. Shah is very knowledgeable, extremely thorough and very skilled at her profession. She invites the patient to partner with her for their total oral care. I have trusted her with my care and the care of my family for years. Asking her to be our family dentist has been one of the best decisions I have made."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Sheila Blankenship on 07/21/2012

"Dr. Shah is always welcoming and willing to offer suggestions to improve my dental health. I enjoy my visits to her office and her sunny personallity! Her staff is always friendly and eager to make my experience a good one."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Richard Blankenship on 07/18/2012

"The staff was very professinal,and the service I was given was fast and gentle. Thank You Dr.Shah & Staff at Smile Center. "
5 stars (5 stars)
by Trish on 07/17/2012

"Very patient and genuinely cares about her patients oral heatlh"
4 stars (4 stars)
by Anonymous on 07/16/2012

"I love this office. My son has medicaid and i have been to some office where they treated him so badly bc of it. The smile center is not like that they treated like a king on the throne. Great dr. She is truley honest and genuine. I love her and i am finally glad i found an office to put my trust in. I would reccomend this office to everyone. Great office "
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 07/13/2012

"The Smile Center is truely the best dental offices that I have been to in my 22 years of life. They really care about there customers. They are very gentle with my teeth and work with your finances, unlike many of my former dentist. Although this is my first time at the smile center, they did so well I had to comment. I encourage anyone who is looking for a dentist office to definitely give The Smile Center Family Dentistry a call."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Kacie on 07/13/2012



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